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[GreenYes] Power Managing Computer Monitors Organization Wide Saves Energy Quickly and Easily

Energy Star, the EPA program that promotes energy efficient solutions, offers free tools that can set your entire organization's monitors to go into a low-power "sleep" mode when inactive. A simple touch of the mouse or keyboard "wakes" the machine within seconds.  For every 1,000 computers, Energy Star estimates that enabling monitor power management can save your organization 200,000 kWh per year or $20,000 at 10 cents per kWh. 


Free of charge, Energy Star offers:


ú         EZ Save software that can activate monitor power management across networked computers all at once.  To download EZ Save go to:


ú         Web-based EZ Wizard software, ideal for non-networked computers, that allows individual users to activate monitor power management in seconds. To run EZ Wizard go to:


ú         Consultation on the Windows 2000 or Windows XP functions to enable monitor power management throughout your organization.  Please go to:




Michael Segal


The Cadmus Group.

1901 North Fort Myer Drive

Suite 900

Arlington, VA 22209

Tel: 703-247-6113

Fax: 703-247-6001


For more information on saving money and preventing pollution through energy efficiency, please visit





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