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[GreenYes] Chelsea Center annual report available on line
The Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development's FY01 Annual
Report is now available on line at  The report describes the
Center's activities in areas such as direct assistance to manufacturers,
new product development, research into overcoming technical barriers to the
use of recovered materials, support to communities to turn their local
wastes into economic resources, and more. Examples include:

- assistance in developing four new products: plas-crete, plas-phalt,
plastic offset blocks for highway barriers, and pull box insulators for
street lighting
- four research projects looking at new ways to recycle rubber, mixed
plastics, glass, and fish waste
- an internship program that placed 11 interns with 8 companies to work on
publications, new markets, web site development, and more
- a description of the new ReMade in Massachusetts Alliance
- projects that provided close to $100,000 to communities to lead to job
creation in the recycling of food waste, medical equipment,wood waste, and
pallets, and development of an eco-industrial park on a former brownfield

Hard copies of the annual report are available free of charge to
Massachusetts businesses and residents, and are $10 for out of state
requests.  For hard copies, please order through our web site. 

Amy Perlmutter
Executive Director
Chelsea Center for Recycling and
Economic Development
University of Massachusetts
80 Everett Ave, Suite 221 
Chelsea, MA 02150
617-887-2300/fax 617-887-0399
visit our web site at
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