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[GreenYes] Re: Eno River Festival Zero Waste
For the Manchester Fest (and others) The Eno River Fest is >85% waste free. The way they've done (and the ONLY way I've ever seen this work, fully) is to have recycling/waste stations w/ human volunteers (not just signs) staffing them throughout the fest to coach people on what to put in which bin and correcting when it's done wrong. The wet is composted on site, the recyclables & trash hauled off. A comprehensive report was produced a coupla few years ago and can probably be accessed thru the NC Division of Pollution Prevention's website:  www. p2pays. org 

Futher  - my 1c on the consumer v. taxpayer debate. As a taxpayer, I pay most of my taxes regardless of what I use (.e.g income, property, etc) , sales tax excepted. I would rather pay for that which I use as a consumer. THus I agree w/ Pat F and others who distinguish b/w the taxpayer & the consumer. If I don't buy a new computer,I don't pay for its disposal in an EPR world, but in a today's world where local gov'ts bear the costs of electronics recycling programs, or HHW, or waste oil, etc. I pay whether I use it or not (Yes it's a public good, but the user pays principle is sounder than we all must pay for everyone's consumption choices.) generally  YOU should pay for YOURS and I WILL pay for MINE.) 

Happy spring to all.


Roger M. Guttentag

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Subject: [GreenYes] Recycling at Music Festivals

> In June there is going to be a 4-day music festival on a 500 acre farm in
> Manchester, Tennessee. I would like to help the promoters of this festival
> incorporate recycling into their planning. Does anyone on this list have
> experience with setting up a recycling program that would exist for only 4
> days. 

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