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Re: [GreenYes] Re: (Green Yes) Zero Waste and Views of Others
I found John Trotti's article very well-reasoned.

The thing to remember is that he was looking at Zero Waste 'from the waste management standpoint' (parag 3). This naturally constrains his view. In parag. 6 he says: ... but as waste managers our duty is equally simple: take charge of the public's waste and see to its proper disposition."

Couldn't be truer!  We as a society gave over to the professionals in the waste management sector responsibility for cleaning up after us. If we don't like what we see, we should look back at that decision.


At 12:33 PM 04/26/2002 -0400, wrote:
interactions with John Trotti and found him to be very open to continuing discussions on a wide range of solid waste and recycling issues,

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