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[GreenYes] Re: (Green Yes) Zero Waste and Views of Others
Thanks, Peter, for your reasoned response to an e-mail slamming John Trotti and his comments on Zero Waste.  I wonder how often the writer (if ever) has interracted with John on recycling issues.  We've had this kind of unproductive dialog (name-calling versus issue response) on the listserv in the past and it does not help our cause one bit.  I too have had interactions with John Trotti and found him to be very open to continuing discussions on a wide range of solid waste and recycling issues, including allowing guest editorials on controversial topics.  I know that he has always been open to hearing my views and offered me a forum at MSW in the past on some topics that he and many in his readership may not agree with.  "Choosing battles" is a key element of winning the fight on zero waste.  Winning friends is another and making that type of derogatory comment about someone who has demonstrated a willingness to learn more about our issues in the past is not going to help us one bit.

Joan Edwards

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