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Re: [GreenYes] Re: 2002 Recycling Today Paper Recycling Conference Report
Here are 2 more cents on the single stream concept.

As an ergonomics professional, I have seen the impacts on having the
"professionals" do the work that the individual homeowner could do.  We are
talking some pretty repetitive jobs here.  This generally spells high risk
of repetive motion injuries (and a crummy job in general).  I agree with
Helen that it makes more sense economically to reward people for sorting
their own.  I would rely on single stream only for the neanderthals that
can't manage to get their newspaper in the right can.

In addition, I am concerned about this tendency to "do it for the consumer".
We tend to believe people are incapable of taking responsibility for their
own trash.  I think we can build personal responsibility through education
and incentives.  I hope we won't focus all our efforts on the "send it away
for some expert to worry about" approach.

Van Calvez
Human Nature Solutions
Bainbridge, WA

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