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Re: [GreenYes] Re: 2002 Recycling Today Paper Recycling Conference Report

As a fellow free-enterpriser, I have to challenge you on your analysis of 
the issue of fibre sorting!

You suggest that it is a *social* issue whether fibre products should be 
sorted  ("not possible to educate all consumers", "OK for middleclass 
suburban neighbourhoods" etc.). While this observation scratches the truth, 
it falls short of proposing a solution.

Sure some people's time is too valuable to waste it sorting their garbage 
-- those people should be expected to pay a price for having someone else 
do it. That's not what happens in our municipal recycling systems.

If we design inflexible collection systems that do not allow some motivated 
consumers to reap economic benefits by adding value to their discards by 
sorting them, then we miss an opportunity to make recycling more efficient. 
This is not a question of 'education' it is a question of economics.

IMHO, the last thing the city should do is provide free collection of 
unsorted fibres. This distorts the market by rewarding those who don't take 
the trouble to sort. It diverts a huge volume of otherwise high-grade fibre 
from the market. It shuts out those who would like to realize economic 
benefits by sorting their trash. It also perpetuates the crude 19th century 
infrastructure of 'professional' trash sorters (what advanced professional 
training does it require to stand at a malodorous conveyor and pick news 
and OCC off a stream of MWP?)

Until we free fibres from captivity in uneconomic monopolistic collection 
systems we will never reach zero waste.

Just my opinion, of course! :)


At 09:58 AM 04/25/2002 -0400, Michele Raymond wrote:
>I couldnt pass judgement on the panel
>but I have to say the issue should be discussed.  It is just not possible 
>to educate all consumers to sort their trash properly.  Moreover, the 
>markets for the materials change, but trying to educate people to put out 
>different items is very difficult.
>Long term, single stream collection  (EG wet, dry and perhaps paper) keeps 
>it SIMPLE  and allows professional sorting systems to pull out what 
>valuable for current markets.  Systems need tweaking, and some of the 
>companies are greedy. But the concept is probably sound.  I have seen 
>recovery rates of about 60% and more for simple wet dry systems.  I 
>interviewed a company once that was getting inquiries from developing 
>curbside sorting is OK for educated middle class suburban neighborhoods -- 
>but does not address low income, Urban, high rise, apartments, and rural 
>issues.  Look at New York!!
>My 2 cents
>Michele Raymond
>Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
>5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
>301/345-4237   Fax 345-4768
>At 04:54 PM 4/24/02 -0500, Susan Hubbard wrote:
>>Dear Recycling Today,
>>The panelists for the single stream session at the 2002 Paper Recycling 
>>Conference & Trade ShowThe June 23-25, 2002, don't appear to represent 
>>diverse positions on the issues related to this topic.
>>GBB provides consulting services to develop this processing technology. I 
>>know from conversations with Harvey that the company promotes and 
>>endorses single stream recycling and WMI has chosen this technology for 
>>their recycling processing. I'd like to know if Rina McGuire has a 
>>different position. I'd appreciate a response to my question since this 
>>is the second time I've asked.
>>I think the recipients of this email will want to know if it is worth the 
>>investment to attend this conference and this session.
>>Susan Hubbard
>>Susan Hubbard
>>Eureka Recycling ( a non profit organization
>>created by the Neighborhood Energy Consortium)
>>624 Selby Ave.
>>Saint Paul, MN  55104
>>Fax: 651/221-9831
>> >>> <> 04/24/02 01:47PM >>>
>>  <> 2002 Paper
>>Recycling Conference & Trade Show Report
>>April 2002
>>Hyatt Regency New Orleans
>>New Orleans, Louisiana
>>As single-stream processing grows, there are questions about a slip in
>>paper grade quality. Join Brian Taylor, editor of Recycling Today
>>magazine, at the 2002 Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show as he
>>moderates Single Stream: Pros and Cons, a session covering both the
>>advantages of single-stream processing systems, as well as some of the
>>potential drawbacks. The session, scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2002
>>from 4:00 * 5:00 p.m., features panelists:
>>*       Steve Ragiel, Waste Management Inc.
>>*       Rina McGuire, Cascades Inc.
>>*       Harvey Gershman, GBB Consulting
>>For a complete conference program, visit the 2002 Paper Recycling Web
>>Site or call 800/456-0707.
>>Make sure to plan on an early arrival in New Orleans for the 2002 Paper
>>Recycling Conference & Trade Show and take advantage of the Early Bird
>>Workshops that are on the schedule for Sunday, June 23, 2002 from 1:30 *
>>5:00 p.m. These sessions will cover in-depth a variety of operational
>>and financial issues that are important to your business. Sessions
>>*       Tips For Establishing Good Plant Maintenance
>>         Speaker: Buddy Himes, Himes Service Co.
>>*       Operations Safety Workshop
>>         Speaker: Mike Mattia, ISRI
>>*       Financial Management Workshop
>>         Speaker: Robert West, Sr. West & Co.
>>*       Hedging Financial Instruments
>>         Speaker: Gary Helik, Tradition Financial Services
>>For a complete session descriptions, visit the 2002 Paper Recycling Web
>>Site or call 800/456-0707.
>>Spend a morning testing your golf skills at the 2002 Paper Recycling
>>Conference & Trade Show Golf Outing Sunday, June 23, 2002 at the
>>Eastover Country Club. You will play one of two Joey Lee-designed 18
>>hole layouts that have been proclaimed by Golf Digest magazine as the
>>*Best Courses in New Orleans.* A shotgun start for the individual play
>>tournament is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. (Buses will leave the Hyatt
>>Regency New Orleans at 7:00 a.m.). The cost for the outing is $125 per
>>golfer and includes green fees, cart rental, continental breakfast, box
>>lunch, prizes and roundtrip transportation to and from the hotel.
>>Advance registration and payment is required and space is limited. The
>>deadline for registration is June 14, 2002. If you would like to play in
>>a specific foursome, please indicate your preference when registering
>>for the outing. Only full conference registrants, speakers, sponsors and
>>exhibitors of the 2002 Paper Recycling Conference are eligible to
>>register for the outing.
>>It is going fast but there is booth space still available for this
>>year*s Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show in New Orleans. Do not
>>miss the opportunity to put your company in front of hundreds of
>>qualified buyers of your products and services. A 10x10 booth is $795
>>and includes two complimentary full conference registrations. Last
>>year*s exhibit hall sold out early but we have added more booth space to
>>accommodate new exhibitors. If you are interested in exhibiting in New
>>Orleans and would like to receive a sales kit, please contact
>> <> .
>>Do not be left out when it comes to reserving your room at the Hyatt
>>Regency New Orleans, host hotel for the 2002 Paper Recycling Conference
>>& Trade Show. Attendees can reserve their room at the special discount
>>rate of $159 per night. Attendees can register for the conference and
>>reserve their hotel reservations by calling 800/456-0707 and asking to
>>speak with a Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show registration
>>representative. Room reservations made directly with the hotel will not
>>receive the conference rate.
>>If you are interested in promoting your company*s brand visibility with
>>hundreds of market decision makers in the secondary paper packing and
>>brokerage business as well as consuming mills, the 2002 Paper Recycling
>>Conference & Trade Show is the place for you. Scheduled for June 23-25,
>>2002 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, the 2002 Paper Recycling
>>Conference & Trade Show provides you with these valuable benefits:
>>*       Access to Top Decision-Makers
>>*       Positive Exposure in the Industry
>>*       Return On Investment * Make Valuable Contacts
>>*       Strengthen Relationships with Key Industry Opinion Makers
>>*       If you have any questions regarding the conference, please feel
>>free to contact the following resources:
>>*       For registration questions, call 800/456-0707
>>*       For exhibit and sponsor information, please contact Jim Keefe,
>>Diana Adipietro or Jeff Fenner at 216/961-4130
>>2002 Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show
>>June 23-25, 2002
>>Hyatt Regency New Orleans
>>New Orleans, Louisiana
>> <>
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