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[GreenYes] City mandates fluorescent lamp recycling
The City of Superior, Wisconsin has banned the landfilling of fluorescent
lamps from all sources and has added fluorescents to the city's mandatory
recycling program. This builds upon the city's program with retailers of
fluorescents to take them back from the general public for recycling. 

Attached is a story from the local newspaper. For more information, contact
Jane Schlichting at, or telephone
715-394-0392 ext. 136.

John Reindl
Dane County, WI


Recycling rule to include fluorescent bulbs


It's no longer legal to toss burned-out fluorescent bulbs in the trash in
Councilors on Wednesday amended the city's recycling code to include
fluorescent light bulbs among the list of items that must be recycled. 

But unlike the newspaper, don't leave those old bulbs in the green curbside
bins. Fluorescent light bulbs require special handling to avoid breaking the
bulb, which would allow mercury to escape into the environment. 

Local hardware stores have offered a solution for environmentally-conscious
consumers since last fall. In Superior, light bulbs can be dropped off at
East End Hardware Hank and Bingham's Hardware. Bulbs can be dropped off at
the Hardware Hank in Poplar, too. 

But there is a fee. Most common bulbs, such as 4-foot and 18-inch tube
lights and circular bulbs, cost about $1 to recycle. 

Residents holding onto coupons sent out in November utility bills by
Superior Water Light and Power can still use those to save $1 on recycling

"All of the bulb is recycled,'' said Councilor Pam Clark. The company
handling recycling of the bulbs, Mercury Technologies of Pine City, Minn.,
recycles the glass and metals as well as mercury. 

Fines for failing to recycle the bulbs range from $50 for the first offense
to $2,000 for three or more offenses. 

Mercury is a neurotoxin that can affect the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and
liver. Even tiny amounts can be harmful and affect the ability to feel, see,
taste and move. Children exposed to mercury show lowered intelligence,
impaired hearing and poor coordination.
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