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RE:[GreenYes] RE: How To Drive Down Gas Prices
Way, WAY too many of you are missing the point!
 1) Trading oil with the "Arabs" is a good thing because a)there is little else incommon product and social wise and b)Trading Parteners or FRIENDS not FOES, something we need in the Middle East.
 2)Arab Oil is not the problem is OUR consumption of oil no matter where it is drilled or produced at is the problem.
 3)SUV suck up gas and Americans do not CARE.  If they did (including suv owners) they would insist on upping the CAFE which both House AND Senate defeated.   Has anyone besides me asked the car dealer and car manufactures why I can not buy high effiecnt vehicles?
(I bought the Honda Insight so do not tell me what is out there)


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