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[GreenYes] Looking for low-tech ideas
In addition to increasing our hauling efficiency, I would love to build our
own low-tech equipment for processing the materials we collect as a way of
demonstrating recycling end-products for our volunteers, staff and the
children that we educate at our center. I would appreciate any information,
resources, design suggestions for low-tech processing equipment for the
following materials and end results:

* aluminum - crushed/compacted (for more efficient hauling) note: we haul
our aluminum ourselves in bags to the community recycling buyback center.

* glass - crushed (for more efficient hauling); possibly even grinding and
cleaning for use as alternative to either decorative sand or sand used as a
filtration medium in wastewater treatment. note: our glass is staged first
in a 4'x4' steel bin and then dumped into a 40-cubic-yard box for hauling

* paper - pulped (for either limited molded products or writing/craft
paper); molded into pots for planting seedlings.

* cardboard - compacted

Our center has extremely limited space, electrical hook-ups (single phase
standard U.S. power only), and funding, not to mention that we can't bring a
forklift into the warehouse. This means no balers or other heavy-duty
equipment can go in the warehouse, and we can't build anything outside to
house any equipment. We do, however, have a forklift that we use to dump
materials from the 4'x4' bins into the larger 40-yard boxes. Perhaps we can
rig some sort of compacting attachment that the forks can drop into the
hauling boxes? (No positive downward force on the forklift, though.) Designs
from similar situations (Timbuktu?) might be adaptable.....

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Valerie Carey
Recycling Program Manager
San Francisco Conservation Corps
415/725-6991 (phone)
415/561-2174 (fax)

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