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Re: [GreenYes] recycling? Frito-Lay go-snacks
Dear GreenYes,
  About the Frito Lay go-container, I haven't seen it "in the flesh", but can 
answer some of your questions.
  EVOH means ethyl vinyl alcohol, a type of plastic used for thin sheeting, 
as labels, or most familiar as the inner lining (gasket) of PP lids on items 
like PET softdrink bottles.
  In the PET btl case, the amount of EVOH is slight, and the PP lid naturally 
separates anyway from the PET bottle body during the recycling process via 
float/sink.  That is, the PP lid floats in water (during the wash phase), & 
the PET sinks.  This is a function of the specific gravities of the PET 
(heavier than water) and PP (lighter than water).  So, EVOH is most of the 
time not a contaminant for PET btls.
  As to the Frito Lay package, the 3 key questions are:
    1.  Is the package a blow-molded bottle (narrower at the neck than 
diameter of the body), as opposed to being a cylinder with the same diameter 
throughout, which probably is injection-molded.  I would have to look at this 
package to be able to tell.  If it's blow-molded, & depending on answer to #2 
below, the pkg could be recycled with other #2 HDPE bottles.  The #5 PP lid 
is a close relative of HDPE and in most cases can be recycled with the HDPE.  
You need to put this question to your #2 HDPE bottle market.
    2.  Whether the EVOH label is a contaminant depends (1) on your market, & 
(2) on the size of the label.  If it's a very small label, then it may not be 
a problem.  But, if it's a sleeve that wraps the entire pkg, it probably is a 
    3.  In any case, if the item is injection-molded, and your market takes 
only blow-molded btls, the EVOH question is moot.  That is, you'll have to 
screen out all of these pkgs from your HDPE btl loads.

  Next time I'm shopping, I'll look for this pkg here in San Diego, & then 
send another post re whether it appears to be injection-molded.  Odds are 
more likely that you won't be able to include it with your btl loads.  The 
black color could also pose a problem if you get a large proportion of these 
  My last thought, though, is that this package may very likely be made from 
recycled HDPE.  The black color is a clue, as this pigment is often used to 
mask the mixed colors of reclaimed HDPE (which tend to blend into a dull army 
green color).  Also, this would be an ideal application for post-consumer 
HDPE, since the snacks inside are wrapped, so there's no contact with the 
food(?) contents.  In this regard, Frito-Lay may be trying to do good by 
using PCR (post-consumer resin).  Another call to someone higher ranking at 
the company would be a good idea--someone who is familiar with their 
environmental policies.

  Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
PO Box 81985
San Diego, CA  92138-1985
ph  619-298-7626, fax   619-298-7967        
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