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[GreenYes] recycling? Frito-Lay go-snacks
Recycling?  Frito-Lay go-snacks

Has anyone noticed that Frito-Lay has a new packaging program called "go-snacks."  Several kinds of chips are packaged in a black plastic, tube-like container.  The point of the container is to prevent your chips from getting smashed while you're on the go.  Well!  Recycling this container (for us) is looking like a nightmare.

The container bottom is labeled both a "7" and a "2".  The "2" is further labeled as HDPE EVOH.  Can anyone tell me what the EVOH means?  The cap is labeled a "5".  Confused?  Me too!  So I called their consumer affairs department and the operator told me that the "7" refers to the label and the "2" is the container.  That's swell, but the average consumer won't know which recycling label goes with what.

Does anyone have any information on this container?  How to recycle it?  What # it should be recycled under?  Whether it is injection molded or blow molded?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks, mk in Idaho

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