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Re: [GreenYes] recycling? Frito-Lay go-snacks
I think it has a PVC shrink sleeve too -- arrgghh!!!

At 04:43 AM 2/26/02 -0500, wrote:
>Dear GreenYes,
>   About the Frito Lay go-container, I haven't seen it "in the flesh", but 
> can
>answer some of your questions.
>   EVOH means ethyl vinyl alcohol, a type of plastic used for thin sheeting,
>as labels, or most familiar as the inner lining (gasket) of PP lids on items
>like PET softdrink bottles.
>   In the PET btl case, the amount of EVOH is slight, and the PP lid 
> naturally
>separates anyway from the PET bottle body during the recycling process via
>float/sink.  That is, the PP lid floats in water (during the wash phase), &
>the PET sinks.  This is a function of the specific gravities of the PET
>(heavier than water) and PP (lighter than water).  So, EVOH is most of the
>time not a contaminant for PET btls.
>   As to the Frito Lay package, the 3 key questions are:
>     1.  Is the package a blow-molded bottle (narrower at the neck than
>diameter of the body), as opposed to being a cylinder with the same diameter
>throughout, which probably is injection-molded.  I would have to look at this
>package to be able to tell.  If it's blow-molded, & depending on answer to #2
>below, the pkg could be recycled with other #2 HDPE bottles.  The #5 PP lid
>is a close relative of HDPE and in most cases can be recycled with the HDPE.
>You need to put this question to your #2 HDPE bottle market.
>     2.  Whether the EVOH label is a contaminant depends (1) on your 
> market, &
>(2) on the size of the label.  If it's a very small label, then it may not be
>a problem.  But, if it's a sleeve that wraps the entire pkg, it probably is a
>     3.  In any case, if the item is injection-molded, and your market takes
>only blow-molded btls, the EVOH question is moot.  That is, you'll have to
>screen out all of these pkgs from your HDPE btl loads.
>   Next time I'm shopping, I'll look for this pkg here in San Diego, & then
>send another post re whether it appears to be injection-molded.  Odds are
>more likely that you won't be able to include it with your btl loads.  The
>black color could also pose a problem if you get a large proportion of these
>   My last thought, though, is that this package may very likely be made from
>recycled HDPE.  The black color is a clue, as this pigment is often used to
>mask the mixed colors of reclaimed HDPE (which tend to blend into a dull army
>green color).  Also, this would be an ideal application for post-consumer
>HDPE, since the snacks inside are wrapped, so there's no contact with the
>food(?) contents.  In this regard, Frito-Lay may be trying to do good by
>using PCR (post-consumer resin).  Another call to someone higher ranking at
>the company would be a good idea--someone who is familiar with their
>environmental policies.
>   Hope this helps.
>Best regards,
>Gretchen Brewer
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>ph  619-298-7626, fax   619-298-7967
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