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[GreenYes] Info needed on budget cuts to recycling programs
I am looking for examples of state and municipal budget cuts which have 
already affected or threaten to affect 
1) recycling promotion and education, and 
2) recycling programs themselves.  

New York City is an obvious (pending) example; I was hoping folks on this 
listserv could cite some others.  

Thank you very much!

Jennifer Gitlitz

Senior Research Associate, Container Recycling Institute

Home office:

1010 Pleasant St.

Worcester, MA 01602

Phone: (508) 793-8516

eFax: (928) 833-0460


Container Recycling Institute
1911 Ft Myer Drive, Suite 702
Arlington, Virginia  22209
Phone: (703) 276-9800  
Fax 703.276.9587
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