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RE: [GreenYes] Alternatives to "Traditional" Curbside Recycling
Could Jean-Louis confirm that Nova Scotia has a very comprehensive 
deposit/return program which applies to *all beverages except milk*. Hence, 
the blue bag will be dealing with very little glass (wine, liquor, fruit 
juices, water, etc. go back for cash refunds). Perhaps NS has data on how 
much glass actually shows up in the Blue Bag programs there. Thanks, 

Helen S.
Vancouver BC

At 02:52 PM 02/22/2002 -0400, Jean-Louis Gaudet wrote:
>Hi there. You may want to check out what's going on in Nova Scotia, where 
>most of the municipalities are going with blue bags. Here are some sites 
>for you to visit:
>The Halifax Regional Municipality: 
>The Resource Recovery Fund Board:
>Nova Scotia Environment and Labour:
>Hope this helps.
>Jean-Louis Gaudet
>Lura Consulting
>1496 Lower Water Street, Suite 420
>Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 1R9
>T: (902) 422-8088
>F: (902) 422-6788
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>From:   Susan Bush
>Sent:   Friday, February 22, 2002 2:25 PM
>Subject:        [GreenYes] Alternatives to  "Traditional" Curbside Recycling
>I'm doing some research on alternatives to "Traditional" curbside 
>recycling that would require a special coll'n vehicle for recyclables, or 
>an automated multi-purpose vehicle.  Does anyone know of communities that 
>have successfully implemented recycling programs using "dirty MRFs", 
>blue-bag programs (I am aware of Chicago's program and a few others, but 
>would be particularly interested in very successful programs) or even a 
>community that has implemented a very successful drop off program?  Any 
>leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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