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[GreenYes] good news toward democracy
sorry those of you who don't like these mass forwardings but this is really 
great news.  i'm in awe the the Shays-Mehan bill passed both house and 
senate!  it definately seems like a big step to me.
have a good one.

>From: "Wes Boyd," 
>To: "Mark Barron" <>
>Subject: HUGE Victory for Our Democracy
>Date: 14 Feb 2002 12:36:26 -0000
>Dear friend of MoveOn,
>Last night's votes on campaign finance reform are a truly historic
>victory, one that you and other MoveOn members helped make possible.
>The House has now joined the Senate in passing the most important curbs
>on big-money influence-buying in more than 25 years.  It has passed the
>Shays-Meehan bill, banning Soft Money -- an enormous loophole through
>which corporations and wealthy individuals have been allowed to give
>limitless amounts of money to political parties.
>Soft Money totaled $450 million in the last election.  Enron alone gave
>out more than $3 million in Soft Money between 1995 and 2001.  In
>return, Enron got lax oversight, hundreds of millions in proposed tax
>breaks, hand-picked energy regulators, and secret meetings shaping our
>national energy policy.
>Last night's victory will make a huge difference in preventing these
>kinds of abuses in the future.  By cleaning up Soft Money corruption,
>we are taking a giant step toward putting our democracy back into the
>hands of everyday people.
>This victory belongs to all of us.  A year ago, MoveOn members chose
>campaign finance reform as our #1 issue, using our online discussion
>forum.*  Since then, more than 30,000 MoveOn members have taken part in
>our "Take Back Democracy" campaign.  More than 750 people have sent
>letters to their newspapers, and more than 14,000 have made phone calls.
>Together, we've played a big part in a long, hard-fought campaign.  Now
>the bill is headed for the White House, where President Bush may sign it.
>Although Bush's signature is not guaranteed, it is likely.  A veto
>would only remind Americans of his own association with Enron.  Of
>course, we will continue to push for his signature, with your help.
>This victory is another great example of how we can make a difference
>by speaking up together for our core values.
>If you'd like to help us pay for this important work, please go to:
>Thanks again for your help, and congratulations.
>- Wes Boyd
>   February 14, 2002
>" provides ordinary people with the information and resources
>needed to make their voices heard in the halls of Congress," Senator
>John McCain said.  "I share their commitment to empowering voters, and I
>thank them for their strong support in our effort to take America back
>from the special interests.  I encourage everyone interested in the
>fight to ban soft money to sign's important online petition."
>(March 21, 2001)
>* Our reader-rated discussion forum is a great place to share your views
>on the key issues facing our country:
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