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Re: [GreenYes] Landfills, dumps
In France the term used for solid waste is "dechets", plural of "dechet", 
meaning loss, waste, offal.  I don't know what they call landfills or dumps, 
but have sent notes to ask several French colleagues.

The French term I've seen for recycling is "recuperation", from the verb 
"recuperer" (inf) - to recover, retrieve, recuperate.  I believe this usage 
started in Québec, then the Québecois recyclers who helped France start its 
green dot program gave them that term.  Another term is "tri a la source" - 
for source separation.  The green dot (Eco Emballages) program in France also 
uses the term "valorisation" - to give, or retrieve, or revalue dechets.  
Valorisation in France refers to both recycling and incineration with energy 
recovery, but not landfilling (dumping).

From Great Britain & Australia I've heard the word "tip" used to refer to a 
landfill or dump.  Actually, the speakers I heard didn't specify whether they 
were referring to one or the other, or both, so I'm not sure on this.  I've 
also noticed that the Brits (& maybe the Aussies) call a trash can or garbage 
can used indoors a "dust bin" or "rubbish bin".  I don't know what word they 
use for a recycling receptacle, but it's not dust bin or rubbish bin.

As a matter of semantics and values, I'll also mention that a number of US 
recyclers, myself included, have a strong preference for the word "discards" 
rather than waste or solid waste.  This concept originated with Urban Ore 
staff in Berkeley, CA, who are famous for saying "Waste is not waste until it 
is wasted."  Our perspective on this, and the messages we convey to others, 
make a big difference.

Gretchen Brewer
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