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[GreenYes] Fwd: Earth Day 2002: Protect Our Home

>Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:19:21 -0800
>From: Earth Day <>
>January 2002 Update
>Earth Day 2002:  Protect Our Home
>Join us this Earth Day in a call to Protect Our Home, the Earth!  We have 
>only one planet and we must work together to protect and sustain it.
>All over the world this coming April, people will take part in rallies, 
>clean-ups, Earth Fairs and public forums.  Thousands of worldwide Earth 
>Day events will send a loud and clear message that our common home is 
>precious, perishable, and belongs to all of us.
>Looking Back, Looking Forward:  2002 marks the 10th anniversary of the Rio 
>Earth Summit, a historic gathering of world leaders that addressed 
>pressing global environmental concerns.  2002 is also the 30th Anniversary 
>of the Clean Water Act, landmark legislation that was a vital first step 
>in the long road to restoring and preserving our water sources.  These 
>anniversaries offer important milestones for assessing how far we have 
>come.  Yet much work remains to be done to preserve the natural systems 
>that sustain life.
>Looking for Organizing Ideas?  Check out the newly revised "How To" 
>resource section at our website, at  You 
>will find information on how to organize an Earth Day event, how to work 
>effectively with volunteers, raise funds, and obtain media coverage for 
>your efforts.  You will also find lots of event ideas and inspiring 
>examples of how worldwide network members have celebrated Earth Day in 
>past years.
>Earth Day On-Line Calendar: To post information about your organization's 
>Earth Day plans, go to our on-line Events Calendar at 
>  To learn about events planned 
>in your community, visit (Any 
>problems with the web sign-up?  Need a password reminder?  Just email 
> and we'll be glad to help.)
>A Call to World Leaders:  In August-September 2002, the World Summit on 
>Sustainable Development will convene in Johannesburg, a 10-year follow-up 
>to the Rio Earth Summit.  EDN invites organizations and individuals to 
>sign a letter urging world leaders to attend the World Summit on 
>Sustainable Development in August and implement a strong plan of action 
>for their country and the world. The World Summit is a unique opportunity 
>for us to come together as a world community and address our global 
>problems. Yet without widespread attendance and participation, the summit 
>has little chance of success.  To sign the letter on-line, or to learn 
>more about the World Summit, see
>Thank you for all your hard work during 2001.  With your help, 2002 can be 
>a landmark year for environmental protection and education. Earth Day 
>offers a unique opportunity to join with other concerned citizens around 
>the world who are working toward a sustainable future.  Every individual 
>action to "Protect Our Home" makes a difference, and when they are 
>combined, we have a global movement to sustain our planet.
>Best wishes,
>Earth Day Network - U.S. Team
>Kathleen Rogers, President
>Jan Thomas, U.S. Program Director
>Liz Spencer, National Organizer
>Diana Lachiando, Campus Organizer
>Jim Perich-Anderson, NW Climate Action Campaign
>Earth Day is observed annually during April of each year.  For more 
>information, see
>Earth Day Network
>811 1st Avenue, Suite 454
>Seattle, WA 98104 USA

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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