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[GreenYes] Fwd: Bayer HQ Blockaded over Genetic Modification concerns

>From: Sanford Lewis <>
>Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 13:59:55 -0500
>Subject: [empoweringdemocracy] FW: Bayer HQ Blockaded
>From: "CBGnetwork" <>
>Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 18:39:03 +0100
>To: <>
>see for pictures
>new website <>   for 
>background information
>GM protesters blockade Bayer on day of Wall Street launch
>Anti-genetic modification (GM) protesters have blockaded the UK 
>headquarters of German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer on the day 
>the company floats on the New York Stock Exchange. Bayer are being 
>targeted for their ongoing takeover of Aventis CropScience, the company 
>behind most of the UK's controversial GM crop trials. The activists accuse 
>crop science companies of ignoring public concern about GM crops and using 
>their size and power to manipulate governments and farmers.
>Around 60 protesters blocked entrances to the carparks at Bayer's Newbury 
>headquarters using a scaffold tripod and a human chain of people padlocked 
>together, and hung banners outside the building to highlight Bayer´s 
>recently acquired status of Europe's biggest GM research company. After a 
>blockade of the site lasting six hours, activists left peacefully, of 
>their own accord, without arrest and having made their point.
>The Wall Street launch is important for Bayer as the company is attempting 
>to raise capital to fund the Aventis CropScience takeover and its internal 
>restructuring. The launch had to be delayed from last year after Bayer's 
>share price plummeted following revelations that one of its core products, 
>the anti-cholesterol drug Baycol, had been linked to almost 100 deaths.
>David Locke, one of the protesters, said, 'Bayer has a long history of 
>neglecting public safety in order to safeguard its profits. Given the 
>fears over the possible danger of GM crops, is this a company you want to 
>trust to provide your food?' The majority of crop trials in the UK this 
>year will be run by Bayer. The inconvenience caused to the company 
>displayed the concerns of people around the world who believe that GM food 
>is neither needed nor wanted. In addition to genetics, Bayer have a number 
>of questionable activities in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
>CBG/Coalition against BAYER-dangers collects information about BAYER and 
>coordinates activities against violations of human and environmental 
>rights caused by this company. Anyone who has information on possibly 
>illicit activities of BAYER or who wants to receive our newsletter 
>regularly - please let us know. Anyone who needs photos or information 
>concerning BAYER is invited to contact us:
>CBG/Coalition against BAYER-dangers, Postfach 15 04 18, 40081 Duesseldorf, 
>Fax: (+49) 211 333 940  Tel: (+49) 211 333 911
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