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[GreenYes] chlorine
John:  don't know if this might be a good source of info if you can track
down the full article:

TITLE: Catalytic Oxygen Delignification
AUTHOR: Wood, Andrew
SOURCE: Chemical Week, Nov 14, 2001, Vol 163, no.42, p.35
ABSTRACT: Scientists from Emory University (Atlanta)and the
US Dept of Agriculture Forest Service (Madison, WI) have
proposed a method for pulp delignification using oxygen and a
polyoxometalare (POM) cluster ion catalyst. The work points to
the development of a totally chlorine-free bleaching process that
is more selective than using oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, or ozone
without a catalyst, and it solves several of the problems inherent
in alternative catalytic systems.
The POM-anion catalyst system selectively oxidizes lignin and
avoids the unwanted oxidation of cellulose fibers, the researchers
say. The catalyst is also oxidatively stable in water, which prevents
the tendency for the catalyst to become oxidized by the reaction, as
occurs with organometallic catalyst alternatives. It also self-controls
pH, which prevents the degradation of cellulose.
Significant improvements, however, would be required before the
process could be used in commercial paper production, says Terry
Collins, chemist at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh). The
catalyst must be more efficient for it to be an economically viable
process, says Collins. Also, as the catalyst contains heavy metals
such as tungsten and molybdenum, the process of catalyst recovery
must be improved, he says.

>Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:26:31 -0600
>From: "Reindl, John" <>
>Subject: [GreenYes] Chlorine bleaching and dioxins/furans in paper
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>Does anyone have information on the amount of chlorine used to bleach
>various grades of paper -- both with virgin and recycled fiber -- the
>estimated quantity of dioxins and furans created by the bleaching of paper
>and the amount of the dioxins/furans that remain in the paper after
>bleaching vs the amount that is released to the environment at the bleaching
>References to reports and articles would be especially welcome.
>Thanks much,
>John Reindl, Recycling Manager
>Dane County, WI 

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