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[GreenYes] Bush Agenda and the Environment
According to the 1/25/02 Wall Street Journal ("Political Paradox: For Bush,
Popularity May Not Translate Into Victories at Home") --

    "Mr. Bush's leadership of America's antiterrorism campaign and its fight
in Afghanistan has given him an almost heroic public impage and driven his
popularity to sustained highs unmatched by any president in half a century.
    "Yet the obstacles to realizing his domestic vision have suddenly grown
higher -- in part because of the very success of that fight against
terrorism, and in part because of the Enron Corp. debacle that is beginning
to wash across the political landscape.
    "The antiterrorism campaign has helped rehabilitate the image of the
federal government, and the yearning for homeland security has made the
American public more open to broader government role in daily life. At the
same time, a slumping economy has prompted both parties to look for ways the
governrment can help stipulate it.
    "And now the Enron scandal threatens to erode the country's fondness for
deregulated, unfettered markets, which grew steadily stronger through the 10
year economic boon that has now drawn to a close. ...
    "The shifting national mood is captured in a new WSJ/NBC New poll. Some
45% of Americans in the new survey say government should do more to help
people, compared with 43% who say that government is doing too much that's
better left to individuals and businesses. Five years ago, by contrast, 51%
of Americans said that government was dooing to much, while 41% said it
wasn't doing enough. And back in 1995, amid the Republican revolution
against Bill Clinton's health care plan and years of Democratic dominance of
Congress, American's favored less government activism by a whopping 62% to
32%. ..."

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