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[GreenYes] Pepsi's Recycling content
Here is the phone number for Pepsi Consumer Relations - 1-800-433-2652. I
called them on Friday and asked "Does Pepsi use any recycled plastic in
their Pepsi-Cola bottles. The very nice woman on the phone said "yes." I
then asked how much recycled content and I was put on hold. A few minutes
later, she came back and apologized for she had previously given me
erroneous information. In fact, she continued "Pepsi uses not recycled
plastic in any of their containers."

I then proceeded to ask if I could make the suggestion that Pepsi start
using recycled plastic and she said she would make a not of my request.

If everyone on this list were to call Pepsi this week and suggest to them
that they use recycled plastic, perhaps we could start a trend. I am sending
a similar message to a few other email groups that I am on.

Won't you please join me in asking Pepsi to consider the environment a
little more when making manufacturing decisions.

Ben Randolph
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