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Re: [GreenYes] Plastic Lumber - What is it made of?
Stephan Pollard wrote:
> I'd like to understand plastics and plastic lumber a little better.
> Most information sources on plastic lumber talk about it being made of
> HDPE.  I'd like to know if other plastics (PETE, PVC, PP, PS, Other) can
> be used to make plastic lumber, and if so, what they are, and in what
> combinations.  Why is it that HDPE is always mentioned?  Is it possible
> to co-mingle all plastics to make a plastic lumber?

My information about plastic wood (as it is called here!) uses more than
one type of plastic, hence it's favour with the plastics industry - I
will attempt to get clarity for you, and will post it if they agree to
share their information, ok?


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