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Re: [GreenYes] RE: The need for respectful disagreement / attitudes toward capit a listic economies
My dear sister Rebecca - 

goodness! who would have thought that a short aside would generate so
much! But I still think it is good that we air things, rather than try
and hide behind a dishonest facade (I am not accusing ANYONE of doing
that - it is just that I often feel a need to say exactly what I think)

Under Apartheid, there was much that one could not do, including a
severe limitation on freedom of speech - diplomacy is fine in certain
situations; in others, nothing less than honesty will do, even if it
does seem brutal or impolite - targetting the leader of the US is a
simple reaction that must be expected  - shooting the messenger never
makes the message more palatable..

but, Rebecca, your words of love are wonderful to read - you must be a
very special person...


best wishes...


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