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Re: [GreenYes] Achieving a sustainable economy
Bruce,Jr E Arkwright wrote:
> Roger Guttentag,
>     Excellent, taking into account of what Cheney had said that "energy conversation is of personal virtue" people might do so, but to be recognized and publicly rewarded will get more people wanting to be seen as doing good.  Cheney also goes on to say energy conversation has little economic value.  

Hi Bruce...
He really has not done his homework - here is an extract from a
factsheet I wrote on jobs and the energy industry, as part of our
anti-nuclear campaign...

"Energy Efficiency:
Germany alone has created 100 000 jobs by the early 1990's in energy

Thermal insulation and replacing old boilers created 200 000 new jobs,
Sacramento in California (USA) have found that saving enough energy to
avoid 100MW of generating capacity creates 39 jobs, compared to 15 to 20
jobs created by coal or gas plants."

hope it helps!


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