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Re: [GreenYes] President Bush and the USA
J Spear Associates, LLC wrote:
> When we loose the ability to respect the humanity of those with which we
> disagree, we gain the freedom to be inhumane.

thank you for your comments - just to make it perfectly clear:

I am a (primarily) volunteer environmental activist, in the struggle for
environmental and social justice for all, without exception or
qualification - I am fighting the nukes industry as much for the
families of the proponents as I am for the poorest of the poor - Even I
do not wish to kill GW Bush (or anybody else, for that matter), no
matter what he does or says - but I reserve the right to lose respect
for people, based on who they are, as well as what they do or do not

I trust that clarifies my thinking to you?

thanx again for taking the trouble!!

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