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Re: [GreenYes] Achieving a sustainable economy
It could be looked at as a structural problem: a corporate executive is only as good as his last quarter. There is no incentive to any value other than that. [and if it takes cooking books...] If a corporation can externalize costs, that's to their advantage; if they use a resource to exhaustion or extinction, then its time to move on to another.
Society responds by regulations. The Clean Air Act, etc.; the laws the SEC is thought to enforce, and even the tax code.  Heavy handed? Perhaps, but the best we've come up with.
Could economic/market based incentives work?  Probably best when coupled with strong regulations.  Sometimes it takes a big stick to make children eat their carrots.
And our President? The fossil fuel industry appears to have been the largest single contributor to his election, so he's very sensitive to their needs. Is this at all surprising? As they say in politics, dance with them that brought you.
Jim Mays

At 01:35 AM 1/18/02 -0500, Roger Guttentag wrote:
I think your comments below are interesting and constructive.  Is it the
case that the current structure and function of business corporations is
inherently antagonistic to sustainable commerce?  If so, why?

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Always think about those living Down Stream

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