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Re: [GreenYes] Achieving a sustainable economy
Jim Mays wrote:
> It could be looked at as a structural problem: a corporate executive
> is only as good as his last quarter. There is no incentive to any
> value other than that. [and if it takes cooking books...] If a
> corporation can externalize costs, that's to their advantage; if they
> use a resource to exhaustion or extinction, then its time to move on
> to another.

Dear Jim - I wrote something similar before I read this = precisely one
of the reasons why the current paradigm is unable to contribute to real

> Society responds by regulations. The Clean Air Act, etc.; the laws the
> SEC is thought to enforce, and even the tax code.  Heavy handed?
> Perhaps, but the best we've come up with.
> Could economic/market based incentives work?  Probably best when
> coupled with strong regulations.  Sometimes it takes a big stick to
> make children eat their carrots.

*laughs* I like the analogy - but you are perfectly correct; one needs
the regulations, to apply worldwide (the WTO can override national
environmental legislation if they are getting in the way of profits, for
example); and full cost accounting would help sort out the exploiters
from those who do not - leaving things to the "free" market (there
really is no such thing!) has got us in the mess we are in now....

> And our President? The fossil fuel industry appears to have been the
> largest single contributor to his election, so he's very sensitive to
> their needs. Is this at all surprising? As they say in politics, dance
> with them that brought you.

also quite hilarious! I must try and tremember to use that with some of
our politicos, when they come around looking for support / endorsements
for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 10) that we will
be hosting here later this year..

take care


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