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[GreenYes] President Bush
According to the 1/8/2002 Wall Street Journal ("Business Donors Prepare
Another Wish List for Bush"):

    "President Bush's big-business donors, who reaped handsome returns on
their political investments in 2001, are hoping for continued dividends this

    "Corporate lobbyists are looking to Mr. Bush to press Congress for tax
breaks on depreciation expenses and new protections from lawsuits, and to
resist any health care changes that could raise costs for employers.
Business interests also expect Mr. Bush to move administratively to relax
workplace and envionmental rules.


    "The White House denies that business interests -- or their political
fund raising -- drive Mr. Bush's policies. 'The president's agenda is drven
by what's best for the American people,' White House spokeswoman Clair
Buchan says."

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