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Re: [GreenYes] President Bush
Peter Anderson wrote:
> According to the 1/8/2002 Wall Street Journal ("Business Donors Prepare
> Another Wish List for Bush"):
>     "President Bush's big-business donors, who reaped handsome returns on
> their political investments in 2001, are hoping for continued dividends this
> year...............

> Business interests also expect Mr. Bush to move administratively to relax
> workplace and envionmental rules.

>     "The White House denies that business interests -- or their political
> fund raising -- drive Mr. Bush's policies. 'The president's agenda is drven
> by what's best for the American people,' White House spokeswoman Clair
> Buchan says."

Hullo all...

Why does this not surprise me - this is why we are all paying the price
in stress and far too many hours of work per day as activists...

I probably told you all this already, but my name for the US president
is G W Shrub - he can be called Bush when he matures a bit!

onward to a safe and claen planet, onward!


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