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Re: [GreenYes] Plastics and TRUE recycling
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> While nothing man-made is perfect, we must attempt to get as close as
> possible with our use of materials in order that we may be present on Earth
> and enjoy its bounties for many more generations. If I had the choice, I
> would not "recycle" toxic chemicals through my body. 

Thanx for that Paul, you remind me of where some of the issues really
lie --

we are NOT given a choice, so it is imposed on us, for others to profit
from - this is simply immoral - we seem to be so lost in the economics
and profits and "value" points of view, that we forget that this is
about life - the sanctity of life (all life) and the harm that we allow
through PCB's, plastics, radiation, etc etc shows that we have lost our
moral compass, and that we can be bought, in the name of economics or
economic growth... nothing grows for ever, but we refuse to accept
limits to growth - some waste impacts both intra- and
inter-generational, but we blithely allow it...

was it not the American first nations who said "when you take a
decision, see what the impact will be for the next seven generations?

we give business holy cow status, and anything that challenges people's
"right" to profits is seen as subversive and unpatriotic - are we well
condintioned or what?

kind regards

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