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[GreenYes] 'Producer Responsibility' and Consumer Cost
Consumers through fees paid to waste haulers and recyclers or through their 
property taxes for solid waste services are now paying a good share of the 
costs associated with recycling plastics (and everything else).  Lately, the 
term 'Producer Responsibility' has crept into our recycling vocabulary and 
I'm interested in seeing what folks on this list think of the concept. 

Here's my two-cents worth just to get things going:  I am more than 80% of 
the opinion that producer responsibility won't work because even if the 
producers are made "responsible" for making sure the products and materials 
they produce are recycled or reused, the costs associated with this will be 
passed on guessed it....the consumers.  We are footing the bill 
already so why bother?

As grandpa used to say, "Am I right or Am I close?"

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc.
Refuse News
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