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[GreenYes] Coke to be Commended
Ilana Gauss asks:

"Would someone please tell me whether Coca Cola is now using recycled
content in plastic bottles? I know they had not owned up to their promise to
do so as of a couple of years ago."

    The answer is that Coke is living up to their promise and then some.
They promised to use 10% content by 2005 and they are on track to reach that
target by next year. This past month, they reportedly have 10% content in
75% of their bottles.  This can roughly double the demand for higher paying
bottle markets for RPET, which is approximately 6-8 cents more per pound
than fiber markets!

    While recyclers have been critical at times at others failure to meet
their obligations, in Coke's recent conduct, we have a corporation which has
stepped up to the plate -- while Pepsi has not -- and worked to fulfill its

    For all those who criticized Coke for failing to meet its earlier 25%
promise in 1991, we have a concommitant obligation to express our
appreciation now that, under new management, they have.

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