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Re: [GreenYes] Question about Paper and Cardboard

Probably, but you need to ask them this question.  There are
paper recycling systems that can handle commingled fibers,
but not everyone has them.  If your recycler asks you to keep
white fibers (news, OP, mags) separate from brown fibers
(cardboard, paperboard) then they probably have a good

Eric Lombardi

TomT wrote:

> Gentlepeople,
>         The city that I work in doesn't pick-up paper and only collects
> cardboard.
>                 Unlike the rest of my company, I collect my paper in paper
> grocery bags.  But instead of lugging them home, I throw them in the
> cardboard metal collection bin.
>         Am I screwing anything up by putting a couple bags of paper with
> cardboard?
>                 I know the other alternative is to lug them home and put
> them out at my house.
>         Thanks!
> Tommy
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