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[GreenYes] Question about Paper and Cardboard
The simple answer is yes---- putting mixed paper into the corrugated bin
messes things up.  The collector/buyer of the corrugated is paying a
price specifically based on the fiber quality found in a corrugated
carton.  The mixed paper you add to the mix, while recyclable, has
different fiber characteristics, and is therefore a contaminant.
Somewhere down the road, someone will have to go to the trouble of
sorting out the mixed paper you put in the bin, thereby decreasing the
efficiency of the collection system. If the processor deals in mixed
paper, what you add to the load may be recycled, otherwise it may just
end up in the disposal stream.  If there is too much contamination, the
entire load may be downgraded, and the price will be adjusted

Pablo Collins

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Subject: [GreenYes] Question about Paper and Cardboard

> Gentlepeople,
> The city that I work in doesn't pick-up paper and only collects
> cardboard.
> Unlike the rest of my company, I collect my paper in paper
> grocery bags.  But instead of lugging them home, I throw them in the
> cardboard metal collection bin.
> Am I screwing anything up by putting a couple bags of paper with
> cardboard?
> I know the other alternative is to lug them home and put
> them out at my house.
> Thanks!
> Tommy
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