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[GreenYes] Authors to help save trees
---Sorry for any double postings---Didn't post on digested versions previously

Solana Recyclers is proud to announce the launching of our latest national 
effort to save trees and help "Close the Loop": The Green Press Initiative. 
If you have a chance to take a look at our website let us know what you 
think. Likewise, if you know any authors (or publishers) that you think may 
be interested please feel free to forward our information to them or let us 
know how we can contact them.

Thanks much!
Wishing you all a very safe and Happy Holiday Season.
Jacy Davis
Solana Recyclers
Encinitas, CA

Authors Join Together to Save Trees

The Green Press Initiative is bringing authors together from different 
genres for one common cause: to help the book publishing sector potentially 
save millions of trees. Authors including Paul Hawken, Winona LaDuke, Dr. 
Andrew Weil, Julia Butterfly Hill, Fritjof Capra, and David Suzuki are 
serving as Founding Authors and spokespeople for the Green Press Initiative
The Initiative is working to engage authors around the county in 
contractually requiring that their publishers save trees through committing 
to print their future books on recycled paper.

In the year 2000, U.S. book publishers consumed approximately 1.93 million 
tons of paper. Based on extrapolations made by Conservatree, this required 
the consumption of over 40 million trees averaging 40 feet in height and 
6-8 inches in diameter. The widespread use of recycled paper by book 
publishers is a direct solution to this problem and its net 
effect…deforestation. However, recycled paper only represents about 8% of 
the entire printing and writing paper market. These facts paint a clear 
picture as to why the goals of the Green Press Initiative are important. 
The program is being coordinated by the Recycled Products Purchasing 
Cooperative. Program partners include Conservatree and the Recycled Paper 

Please spread the word to any author or publisher that you think might be 
interested in being a part of this effort!
For More Information Contact: Tyson Miller (
Phone: 760-436-7986 x 13
Author and other photos available

Sponsors: The Green Press Initiative is a program of Solana Recyclers, a 
non-profit organization based in San Diego. The Initiative’s sponsors 
include: The S. Mark Taper Foundation, The McCarthy Family Foundation, and 
Union Bank of California.

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