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[GreenYes] Peoria Yard Waste Dumping Decision Deferred
Although the Health and Environmental Issues Committee had recommended
supporting landfilling yard waste, last evening the Peoria County Board
deferred a vote on this issue. It was decided to have the Legislative Study
Committee review the proposal at their next meeting on 12/17/01 at 4:00 PM.
The Legislative Study Committee will then make a recommendation and a vote
on this issue is now planned for the next month's County Board meeting.

When I first posted on this listserv (11/27/01),I thought the proposal to
dump yard waste in the Peoria bioreactor was, perhaps, the start of the
greatest threat to recycling since Waste to Energy Incinerators in the
1980's. At that time incinerator proponents were telling communities that
burning waste was really "recycling" it into energy. Strong opposition
confronted and defeated that definition and I believe strong opposition will
challenge and defeat a "green energy" definition for yard waste dumping in

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who have opposed landfilling yard
waste.  A special thanks to Peter Anderson for his technical expertise and
for pulling the opposition together. The GrassRoots Recycling Network also
deserves recognition for maintaining this listserv and for posting the yard
waste dumping info on the GRRN web site.

Hopefully, this plan can be defeated at the County Level, but we should not
let our guard down. The waste industry could be planning similar projects at
private landfills with bioreactors. The Peoria situation allowed for a City
and County vote because they jointly own the landfill which Waste Management
operates. In the case of private landfills, communities will not have an
opportunity to vote and legislation to "dump" yard waste bans could be in
the planning stages in various states at this very minute.

At least for now the waste industry has the message, loud and clear - the
environmental community is watching ---- "don't dump on recycling"

Charlene Lemoine
Waste Issues Representative
Waukesha County Environmental Action League

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