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[GreenYes] Recycling #5 and #6 # even #7 plastics
There is a new company in Bradley, Illinois that is using every grade of plastics.  the company was found by the venerable Murray Fox, who many of you know was one of the founders of the National Recycling Coalition twenty years ago and has been actively involved in the business of recycling for most of his life.
He founded this company about 18 months ago and it's going great.  (By-the-way, I think he is over 75!)  He has a contract with the Navy and is taking all the plastic and gunk off the ships and turning it into parking stops, and piers and railroad ties.  Please call him before you ship any plastic to make sure it can use it - but it sounds to me like he can use any type he can get.
Contact him at:
I-Rock Industries, Inc.
180 East North Street
Bradley, Illinois  60915
(815) 929-0890
Best of luck
Fran McPoland
Fran McPoland
Sr. VP & Chief Environmental Strategist
(703) 765-2723
(202) 550-2674 (mobile)

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