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RE: [GreenYes] recycling plastic number 5's and 6's.
Thanks for your reply re: the unhopeful prospects for recycling #3 and
other plastics.  I figured as much, and for several years now have been
avoiding altogether purchasing anything packaged in #3; instead I refill
the same shampoo bottle, dish detergent bottle at my local Puget Consumers

However, I do have a garage full of plastic lids [typically #4] from
yogurt, cottage cheese, margerine, ice cream containers.  I will continue
to collect these for some future recycling opportunity, perhaps ultimately
resorting to starting my own frisbee company in my dotage [just kidding].

What a conundrum manufacturers present to those of us who can see beyond
the next ten minutes of consumption.  Heaven help us all, each and every

Best regards,
Edna Glenn
Seattle, WA  USA

> Terri S. wrote: Finding a place to recycle plastics #3 is pretty
> unlikely - that's the PVC stuff we'd just rather they didn't use at
> all...

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