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Re: [GreenYes] recycling plastic number 5's and 6's.
I guess it would really depend on how far that these items have to be
shipped. I know a few other people in my area that would save their
recyclable 5's and 6's for me and then they could be shipped together every
2-3 months. The plastic containers themselves are very light and it would
take 100's to even get to a few pounds. They would be shipped through the
mail, which is a trucking and plane system that is already in place. I don't
imagine that the few shipments we would have would cause the postal service
to have to increase the number of trucks they use. If everyone was shipping
their 5's and 6's out, it might, but then that also might cause a greater
local demand for them.

My 2 cents.


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> I sometimes wonder about the cost/benefit of mailing things out to get
> recycled. Trucking is such a huge source of pollution, it may be better
> environmentally to simply landfill the plastic rather than burn fuel to
get it to
> a recycling plant... Any thoughts?

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