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Re: [GreenYes] High-tech recycling on our horizon? Times of Northwest Indiana 26nov01
The latest from the industry...

> All the trash in that north central Ohio county -- including all
> residential, industrial and business waste -- gets delivered to a central
> processing facility, 

including POP's and radioactive waste, I presume?...

>owned by the county waste district, but operated by an
> outside environmental firm.

aha! so who will see that they are doing a "fine job?" 

> "What we'll do is take the tiny bits of leftover paper and film plastic and
> turn them into pellets, which can be burned like fuel," Strazinsky said.

and generate, for example, dioxins and furans which will definitely
"give" cancer to a whole lot of people, and harm other life in the
process too...

> Currently, Lake County tipping fees -- the cost per ton of trash collected
> at landfill sites -- hovers between $26 and $38. If the cost for the new
> system falls somewhere near this vicinity, Langbehn said there's a good
> chance it could become a reality here.

still fiddling at the edges, yes? would it really be a whole lot more
difficult just not to make the waste to begin with?

> Although traditional landfills are still the most economical form of
> handling waste, they're filling up fast, leaving local governments around
> the country looking to the future.
> "Our plant is odor-free, and I haven't seen one rat since I've been here,"

is that perhaps because the rat cannot survive in that blend of toxins?

well, all this shows is that people still believe in end of pipe
solutions, and as such, simply cannot be the answer, I would hazard a


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