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[GreenYes] Small idea to help reduce the mountain of trash this Christmas
    My name is Wendy Oldenbrook and I make fabric gift bags. They are designed to  wrap gifts-- and to be reused for many years.  I know that in the grand scheme of our over consumption and environmental degradation - that these bags are just a tiny idea.  But- I remember filling up trash bags full of crumpled wrapping paper on Christmas morning-- and now that I have a stash of gift bags-- we are down to filling up a brown grocery bag!   I have used my bags now for 6 years-- and every year a get a 'new' batch of them back from people I have sent gift bags to-
    I finally have a website in case anyone is interested in  my bags:
I have a variety of Christmas and everyday fabrics and 8 different sizes.   I love wrapping my gifts in bags- I think they add a lot to the gift-- and I especially like folding them away when the holidays are over and putting them in the basement for next year.

        Wendy's Fabric Gift Bags
Check Out Our Holiday Gift Bag Collection!
      5 New Sizes - 6 New Fabrics
         Elegant & Affordable

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