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[GreenYes] Fwd: FYI: Tetra Pak's Glaskin(TM) Seals FDA Acceptance

>Date: Tue, 27 Nov 01 13:52:54 -0800
>From: Patty Moore <>
>Tetra Pak's Glaskin(TM) Seals FDA Acceptance, Introduces New Class of 
>Coating Technology
>Nov 27, 2001 - PR Newswire
>Robust Silicon Dioxide Barrier Stronger, Recyclable, Better Alternative
>For PET Containers in the United States
>VERNON HILLS, Ill., Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Tetra Pak announced it has
>received acceptance(1) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for
>Glaskin(TM) packaging barrier coating as a safe food contact substance.
>Glaskin's silicon dioxide coating for polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
>bottles creates a clear glass-like interior coating, enabling liquid food
>manufacturers to package oxygen sensitive beverages in PET containers
>without sacrificing product quality. Glaskin is safe for consumers,
>maintains the taste and quality of the products, cuts costs and is
>environmentally sound.
>Glaskin can be used in packaging to extend the shelf life and maintain
>the taste and nutritional value of beverages like beer, carbonated soft
>drinks, fruit juices and other oxygen sensitive beverages. Glaskin has
>proven its extended capabilities in shelf life tests for more than a year
>with brewers and beverage companies in the United States and Europe.
>Thinner than a human hair, Glaskin protects carbonated soft drinks and
>beer from going flat and guards fruit juices and beer from the effects of
>oxygen. "The quality of a liquid food product is only as good as its
>barrier," said Jeff Kellar, vice president, plastics packaging systems,
>Tetra Pak. "Glaskin's high-end barrier quality brings it to the top of
>PET packaging options to date."
>Glaskin enhances PET packaging by blocking both the ingress of oxygen and 
>the release of carbon dioxide, protecting the integrity of package
>contents. In a 24-week study comparing Glaskin to standard PET bottles,
>Tetra Pak found that Glaskin-coated bottles block 17 times more oxygen
>than uncoated, PET bottles. Glaskin technology also retains carbon
>dioxide 25 times greater than standard PET packages.
>The Glaskin process deposits a thin silicon dioxide layer on the interior
>surface of the bottle through a unique plasma enhanced process. The
>process achieves a very thin, homogeneous and dense coating compared to 
>other coating technologies both plasma and chemical. The thin silicon 
>dioxide coating offers high elasticity, making it damage resistant, 
>perfect clarity with no haziness and a superior barrier for keeping oxygen 
>out and carbon dioxide in. Since it is an interior coating, Glaskin does 
>not suffer from possible conveyer and line packaging damage.
>"We are especially pleased and proud of Glaskin's performance as an
>environmentally positive technology," said Jeff Kellar. Tetra Pak
>conducted several tests on Glaskin to ensure its recyclability. The tests
>were both textile and carpet conversion to fiber as well as
>bottle-to-bottle recyclability. The findings that were presented to
>Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers (APR) concluded that in 
>fiber conversion Glaskin does not impart any noticeable change in the
>quality of the end product, even when recycled using 100% Glaskin
>bottles. This means that when all of the incoming stream of PET bottles
>were coated with Glaskin, there was no noticeable effect on the PCR
>When Plastics Technologies, Inc, a leading supplier of proprietary
>technology and specialty manufacturing services to the plastic packaging
>industry, put PET bottles with Glaskin through bottle-to- bottle tests,
>the packages proved to be recyclable at 100% as well as fit seamlessly
>into existing PET recycling channels. Tetra Pak was recognized with the
>Partners for Change Award from the APR for its work and sensitivity
>towards recyclability in new product development.
>The Glaskin crystal-clear coating enables liquid food manufacturers to
>differentiate their products with package shape and size and still have a
>barrier that creates a new standard in PET packaging. In Europe,
>Spendrups and Bitburger Beer were successfully launched in PET bottles
>using the Glaskin coating technology.
>"We are excited to bring Glaskin to the United States after the great
>success that it has had in Europe. With the growing demand for plastics,
>Tetra Pak's Glaskin will quickly be associated as the top barrier for PET
>bottles," said Kellar.
>Tetra Pak expects the first US applications of Glaskin late-2002.
>About Tetra Pak
>Established in the United States in 1984, Tetra Pak Inc. develops,
>produces and markets complete processing and packaging systems and
>provides systems engineering, packaging materials, technical field
>services and spare parts support. Best known for its aseptic processing
>and packaging systems, Tetra Pak is also one of the top producers of
>gable top milk and juice cartons in the United States. For more
>information on Tetra Pak, please visit grow /
>(1) Glaskin complies with the provisions of applicable food additive
>regulations, in contact with all types of food under conditions of use
>c thru g, as described in Tables 1 and 2, of 21 CFR 176.170(c).
Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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