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Re: [GreenYes] Zero waste...animal waste.
Check out the pet waste digester on 

I had a friend that tried a smaller version (she had two small dogs) and it worked fine for her.
good luck

Stephen Grealy
Recycling Program Supervisor
City of San Diego
(858) 573-1275

>>> "Susan & Mary" <> 07/31/01 07:53PM >>>
In the efforts of zero waste, what is recommended for animal waste? (Pets, primarily cats and dogs)

Either it gets thrown out in a re-used Washington Post bag, or it stays on the grass to get washed into the street and finally to the Chesapeake Bay, where it contributes all kinds of living organisms and organic compounds not desirable...or it passes along those same to other animals who come around...

Help! It cannot be composted, can it? If so,how?

Susan in Falls Church (and soon to be elsewhere)

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