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Re: [GreenYes] why people recycle?
debra lombard wrote: I think in order to get
> people to recycle we need to bring them (as young children) to the
> landfills and show them where the trash really goes and then we need to
> keep reminding them.

catching them young is always a good idea - but it also occurred to me
to show people the whole life cycle of products / packaging, so that
they can also make better choices, as I have been using to illustrate my
township based zero waste training... 
eg: Plastic - oil from the ground; tankers; refining; conversion to
plastic; short usage life; long life in the landfill...
as opposed to say glass: sand; heat, re-usable bottle; inert; no
shortage of sand
just to illustrate the kind of thinking, of course not in such a short
it always seems to do the trick!


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