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[GreenYes] Environment & Politics

    According to today's Wall Street Journal ("Florida Panhandle GOP
Run as Protectors of the Environment"):

"The environment is likely to be at least as big an issue in the Oct. 16
special election between Mr. Miller and the Democrats' nominee, former
Republican Steve Briese. But the GOP's contest this week shows just how
strongly Republicans nationwide have come to see the environment as a big
concern of voters -- particularly independent swing voters who decide many
contests, but conservatives as well.
"While Mr. Miller is heavily favored to win in the conservative Florida
district, Republicans do fret for their candidates in next year's midterm
elections, when control of Congress is at stake -- and when Mr. Bush's
record will get its first electoral test. They already have seen him forced
to defend the administration's moves against regulations for arsenic in
water and global limits on greenhouse gases, and in support of aggressive
energy production. That included the Gulf drilling plan, which Mr. Bush
since scaled back under pressure from his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush,
and other Republicans.
"'Republicans need to do better for America and go back to the drawing
boards,' wrote Martha Marks, founder of REP America (the initials stand for
Republicans for Environmental Protection), in a recent letter to Republican
members of Congress that criticized Mr. Bush's energy program. 'Otherwise,
it will be the Democrats who claim in 2002 and 2004 that they are the party
with the better ideas on energy.'
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