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Hi everyone ~

I am asking for help to eliminate the sale of a new product that uses a
mercury switch. My county and local municipalities have recently adopted
ordinances to ban the sale of mercury fever and basal thermometers because
of the toxic properties of mercury, and here comes another product that puts
mercury into the environment.

If we will all take a minute to make a phone call, maybe we can stop this
thing like we did several years ago with the Tyvek ads in some magazines and

[GreenYes Editor's Note: Since this protest note was written, 
J o h n n y - L i g h t has replaced their mercury switch with a more ecologically sound one, according to makers of the product. Please do not continue calling to ask them to fix it. Thank you. Editor.]
[information removed at company's request...] Thank you, John Reindl, Recycling Manager Dane County, WI [information removed at company's request...]

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