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[GreenYes] Secretary of Interior Norton
Here's an excerpt from the NY Times. For the full text, see

February 7, 2001
Deconstructing Gale Norton

At her confirmation hearings, Gale Norton, the new secretary of the interior, delivered a polished public- relations performance on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday morning. Once again she asserted that she would enforce the various laws protecting endangered species, and would do nothing to threaten "our wildlife and our national treasures." Yet before anyone gets too dewy- eyed, it should be remembered where she is coming from and where she is headed.

She is coming from a long association with right- wing property rights groups, and she is headed toward a policy that opens up more of the public lands, chiefly the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to oil and gas exploration. It must also be pointed out that when Ms. Norton talks rhapsodically about protecting "national treasures," she is usually talking about the national parks, which under law cannot be touched anyway. ... 

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