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[GreenYes] Comment on IRS Plans to Regulate Non-profit Use of Internet
Subject: IRS Rules on Non-profits use of the Internet
Date: Thu, Feb 1, 2001, 6:21 PM

Apologies for any cross posting!
Please circulate until February 13, 2001.


I want to alert you to an important IRS activity concerning the future use
of Internet communication by non-profit organizations and to let you know of
a quick and easy way for you and your grantees to take an effective action
on an issue that could greatly impact the future effectiveness of non-profit
organizations.  To skip right to the action go to

Right now, the IRS is accepting comments on how to regulate nonprofits and
electronic communications.  This could affect nonprofits in many ways - from
what web sites we can link to, to how we calculate lobbying expenses.  The
comment period is open now and will close on February 13.

Working with the Alliance for Justice, TechRocks (a supporting organization
to the Rockefeller Family Fund) has created a web tool that allows
organizations and individuals to submit customized comments in response to
the specific IRS questions.

Please take a moment to join me in creating a customized comment to the IRS

In particular, the IRS is requesting comments on how to regulate links,
fundraising, and other electronic forums such List serves and newsgroups.
Every organization that uses the Internet to communicate with its
constituency will be affected by the policies the IRS proposes.

Please take a few moments to inform the IRS process and let others
know of this opportunity by forwarding this message to any electronic
mailing lists you maintain.

Interested individuals can create their own personalized comment for
submission at:

This comment period is critical.  The  change in administration means that
many government agencies may change their policies regarding non-profits and
communication about their advocacy work.  The first test of this climate
will be this IRS comment period regarding non-profits and online advocacy
efforts.  Should the IRS develop regulations that limit the ability of
non-profits to use electronic communication forms for advocacy, it will set
the tone for the rest of this administration, and perhaps many
administrations to come.

Now is our time to ensure that any new regulations reflect the best thinking
of our community.

Please visit today and submit your comment.  We
only have until February 13!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or have other
ideas about how to spread the word about this issue.

Thank you,
Rob Stuart

Rob Stuart, President
A Supporting Organization to the Rockefeller Family Fund
1617 JFK BLVD. Suite 620
Philadelphia, PA  19103
215-561-3608 p
212-202-4400 f

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