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[GRRN] Yardwaste collection pricing
A non-subscriber has ask me this question.  Can anyone on green-yes help
Beth (e-mail her directly and post replies here too if you wouldn't mind)?  

We are trying to negotiate a contract for yardwaste collection, and the
hauler wants to protect himself during times of drought.  The contractor is
suggesting an extra fee when tonnage falls below a certain level.  We're
trying to nail down what that floor should be and how the additional fee
should be paid, i.e., per household or what?  Do you have any thoughts or
know someone I can speak with?

Elizabeth A. Shonts CHMM
Business Development Manager
Metro Waste Authority, 521 East Locust St
Des Moines, IA 50309
Direct Line:  (515) 323-6525
Fax:  (515) 244-9477

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